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Sushi Nini, Sushi for the Sports Fanatic

A few weeks ago I as attending a horror writers' convention up in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin. When it comes to dining options, the selection I've found in Round Rock is limited to say the least with a vast wasteland chain restaurants and fast food establishments that are less than inspiring. So, when my fellow writers suggested sushi I raised a skeptical eyebrow. And when they told me it was in a strip mall, I cringed a little more and prayed I wouldn't end up with a dose of food poisoning. So we piled into the Lyft and made our way to the strip mall where our driver drove around and around looking for Sushi Nini. Needless to say, it's easy to drive right past this little place with or without your GPS assist.

Upon entering Sushi Nini the lot of us began to exchange mildly confused looks. Were we in the right place? The restaurant is set up like a super casual sports bar with multiple large flat screen TVs all playing various games. The place is small and crowded and minimally decorated so it's definitely not impressive upon first glance. However, we were quickly seated and handed a massive menu featuring a pretty impressive happy hour offering with multiple rolls, sashimi, appetizers and cocktails to choose from.

We decided to order a variety of rolls to share at the table and were overwhelmingly pleasantly surprised by the superb quality delivered to our table. The basic rolls such as the California Roll were not entirely impressive -- these are staple that every sushi restaurant should be able to master, but these fell a little flat and small. However, the more complex rolls such as the Dragon Roll and OMG Roll were delightful, packed with multiple levels of flavors from sweet savory eel sauce and fresh chilies to perfectly fried tempura shrimp and delicate tuna and salmon.

Asides from the rough and tumble atmosphere, the one other aspect of Sushi Nini I was unimpressed by was the cocktails. Even the simple mixed drinks such as rum and coke seemed off somehow as if the alcohol had turned or was perhaps a very inexpensive well variety for the happy hour drinks. If you decide to order a drink while there be sure to specify your alcohol brand to ensure you do not end up with a harsh undrinkable beverage.

So, if you're a sports fan who also loves sushi, Sushi Nini is the spot for you. It is super casual and unpretentious while simultaneously delivering delicious sushi for lunch and dinner in Round Rock, Texas.


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