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Support Local Restaurants with the Great American Takeout Tuesday

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today the Restaurant Coalition launched a new campaign to help save America's restaurants now threatened by the coronavirus quarantines happening across the country. Here in Austin, our restaurant and food industry is walking a precarious tightrope of survival right now with an estimated 500,000 jobs possibly lost and countless establishments facing closure without the ability to open their dining rooms to guests.

It is more important than ever for us to take the time to place a delivery order at least once a week to keep our favorite spots from disappearing forever. Most restaurants are offering free delivery or reduced costs and coupons during this time as well. You're getting your booze and groceries delivered, why not a delicious meal or two you didn't have to make yourself from canned and frozen pantry items?

And for those of you who might be fearing the possibility of contracting COVID from the restaurant workers themselves, the Restaurant Coalition cites conclusions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration that there is little evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food or packaging. All restaurants are taking increased measures to ensure the safety of their patrons during this time.

There's nothing special you need to do to join in on Takeout Tuesday. Just get online or your favorite delivery app such as Grubhub or Favor and place an order. Be sure to get the message out there using #thegreatamericantakeout.

It's up to the American people to save our restaurant industry. Manga!

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