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Product Review: POTIONS 11 LOTIONS

Once in a while, here on The G Spot Reviews, I will do a product review. G Spot is primarily dedicated to food and travel reviews, but I will make an exception when the product is of a high enough quality. And I am a huge slut when it comes to lotions and fragrances. Being a Taurus, I'm all about my senses and anything that makes me feel more beautiful. Such is the case with locally sourced and produced luxury lotions and potions line "Potions 11".

Created by massage professional Donna Jones here in Austin, Texas, her debut line of skin creams is pure magic. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample five of the 2019 scents including "Ritual", "Black Rose", "Royal Attraction", "Ambervescent", and "Crossroads". I was royally pleased by all of the fragrances, as well as the silken texture of the product. Some hand creams have the tendency of being almost greasy feeling, leaving a residue that sits on the top of your skin, staining your clothes and pretty much everything you touch for hours after application. No so with "Potions 11". Donna's formula ensures that the lotion quickly absorbs leaving your skin gorgeously soft.

While definitely tending towards the lighter and more delicate end of the fragrance spectrum, all of the lotions I sampled were most definitely, with the exception of the "Black Rose" lotion which is most definitely a big, bold, nostalgic garden rose scent, androgynous. Meaning, men or women, or anyone in between can easily wear any of these scents with ease as they combine with your own natural scents to seemingly heighten the feminine or masculine qualities of each fragrance. "Ritual" is an ephemeral, gossamer scent with notes of marshmellow, licorice, and honeysuckle. "Royal Attraction" is spicy and energetic with notes of chai, vanilla, and spruce. "Ambervescent" is extraordinarily delicate, sweet but not cloying with notes of vanilla and lemon verbena. And, lastly, "Crossroads" is slightly deeper than the rest, earthy with hints of pine, musk, frankincense, marigold, and jasmine. Of course, these are how the lotions played across my senses and they will be slightly different for every perception.

If you are looking for truly magical gift or stocking stuffer this year for your special someone, or simply want to treat yourself to a little luxury, definitely check out "Potions 11". A single container or a full set of lotions can be purchased at any of these online locations:




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