• Gabrielle Faust

Oak Sports Bar and Grille: The Most Unfriendly Social Spot in South Austin

Empty of people, Oak actually looks like a nice place. Sadly that's where it ends.

I'm going to keep this review rather short because I literally have nothing nice to say.

Sports season is upon us in the Faust household and with bae's favorite hockey team playing last night, the Dallas Stars, we decided to try out a sports bar which we had been driving past for at least a couple of years. Located in the second floor of a rather foreboding gray cinderblock apartment building on South 1st Street, the Oak Sports Bar and Grille appeared at first glance on Facebook to be a pretty run of the mill bar, offering standard bar fare (burgers, salads, appetizers, etc.) and a wide array of televisions for patrons' sports viewing pleasure. So we thought we'd give it a go. I can safely say the 30 minutes or so we spent there was long enough for me to never return.

Immediately upon arriving I had a bad feeling -- sometimes you walk into a place and you're just overcome with a wave of cold, negative energy and this time was a definite slap to the psychic face. The music was painfully loud and primarily 80's soft rock hits. The tiny bar area was completely filled with your standard white bros in similar polos and T-shirts and ball caps. No one working behind the bar said hello or acknowledged our arrival even though the rest of the place was fairly empty. And it took us a minute to realize that the menus were on the table and that you ordered at the bar assuming someone would bring the food to your table. The seating selection was extremely uncomfortable and obviously designed not to encourage anyone to stay through the full game unless they were sitting at the actual bar, which seemed to be all the two stereotypical sorority girl bartenders seemed preoccupied with.

We ordered a couple of drinks which I thought extremely overpriced for happy hour time in Austin. Let's face it, we're pretty spoiled by drink specials during happy hour time periods here in this town and $1 off a $10 cocktail isn't very enticing. Both of us feeling extremely uncomfortable and unwelcome at this point as we sat in our booth we decided to at least order an appetizer to see if the food was worth sticking out at least the first period of the game there. We ordered the Southwestern Eggroll. It arrive surprisingly fast and dripping with grease. This was obviously a frozen mass-produced eggroll concoction that had been flash-fried and then paired with some of the worst bottled ranch sauce I have ever eaten. At this point the adventure was over and it was time to go.

I guess if you're a douchy, rich white "bro" you might fit in here. They serve White Claw and Fireball shot specials (noticed on the way out), kind of the mating call of that crew here in Austin. I'm honestly shocked this place has been in business as long as it has, and is obviously just propped up by the fact that there's a built-in clientel with the apartments surrounding it. Out of all of the vastly superior sports bars and restaurants in Austin, Oak Sports Bar & Grille is the last place I would EVER choose to spend my money.

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