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LA 1 Cajun & Creole: As Close as You Can Come to New Orleans in the ATX

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

I may be from Memphis, Tennessee. I may have grown up in Austin, Texas, and will always call it home. My heart, however, belongs to New Orleans. Anyone who’s ever fallen in love with New Orleans understands the deep resonating pull to the city – its vibrant music, its dark history, its stunningly gorgeous residents, its magic…its food. When it comes to culinary traditions of New Orleans, there is simply nothing like it.

Brimming with spicy soul, deep dark romance, and thickened with a roux that is as close to liquid love as it comes, New Orleans cuisine is a blend of the creativity, the crass, and the crazy struggles of the cultures that have passed through its Spanish moss and Mardi Gras bead strewn lanes. It is a spirit as passionate as NOLA itself and with every bite you feel more alive than the moment before. That’s why it becomes a yearning that tugs at the center of your soul the longer you spend away from the Crescent City.

Up until recently I honestly have had a hard time finding an authentic New Orleans experience here in Austin. There was decent food, but nothing that made me say “Goddamn!” and tell the people I’m sitting with that I just need a moment. It’s not that one can’t be taught the right ingredients and techniques – with the correct training a talented chef can create great Cajun dishes. However, it takes someone from New Orleans, someone who truly embodies the heart and soul of the city to deliver that “love” I spoke of earlier, bite after bite. That is exactly what Steve and Chris, the co-owners of the LA1 food truck and St. Roch’s bar provide.

Located on the East Side of Austin, Texas (515 Pedernales St.) outside of their gritty little punk dive bar St. Roch’s, the LA1 food truck has a short and sweet menu that will bring anyone with a Cajun craving to their knees. From their incredible fried shrimp and fried oyster poboy sandwiches, homemade pimento cheese, and sausage gumbo, to the howlingly creative regional mash-up of crawfish etouffee poutine (a MUST have), you are sure to walk away (or waddle) fully satisfied.

There are weekly specials, seasonal poboys (the Thanksgiving kitchen sink poboy is NOT to be missed), and throughout the months of March through June, regular crawfish boils are held at St. Roch’s, which, if you’re drinking at the bar are generally open and free to the public. And you can always find the New Orleans Saints on the TV’s inside the bar during football season!

If you’re looking for a taste of New Orleans and a good strong drink in a bad ass punk bar, look no further than LA1 and St. Roch’s. But beware, you’re going to get addicted to this food, the people, the drinks – well, just about everything in this tiny corner lot in the ATX. Somehow, though, I don’t think you’ll be complaining even one little bit.

For more information on La 1 Poboys at St Roch’s Bar:

http://www.la1cajun.com/ http://www.strochsbar.com/

515 Pedernales St, Austin, TX , 78702



Wed – Thurs

11:30am to 2:30pm

5:30pm to 8pm

Fri – Sat

11:30am to 8pm

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