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It's Italian Cucina 30% Off Sale on Bottle Wine Reserves

My absolute favorite Italian restaurant in Austin is in the same boat as every other restaurant here financially right now. They're just trying to make ends meet and make sure they're still around when this crisis is resolved. At the moment they are open for pickup and delivery so please be sure to place an order soon. Also, if you're a wine enthusiast like myself, you'll be excited to learn they have placed their ENTIRE reserve of bottled wine on sale at 30% OFF! Quantities are limited to what they have on hand so be sure to go onto their website and email them ASAP to reserve these amazing wines at incredible prices. While it is a travesty to know they are having to do this, at the same time this is a way to help them make ends meet and show your support. Check out their wine lists here:


Again, they are open for pickup and delivery right now. I highly recommend...well... EVERYTHING on the menu. Here's what they are offering at the moment: https://its-italian-cucina.square.site/

It's Italian Cucina has a very special place in my heart. Not only are they talented beyond measure, they are some of the most sweet, caring, vibrant, and special people I have ever met, from the servers to the owner. Sorry, I'm starting to tear up saying that. But it's true. Check them out. Buy a bottle or two of wine. And have a special Italian meal at home soon.

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